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To you, Mr. Macron!

Friday, October 30, 2020 | 17:31 WIB Last Updated 2020-10-30T10:47:32Z


Shamsi Ali

IF what you watch in this video about Islam is a crisis in your eyes, yes Islam is deeply in crisis. A crisis that threats your materialistic, capitalistic, and hedonistic mind. 

But if you mean Islam is in crisis because of radical and extremists tendency, I simply suggest you to to go to the mirror and see your own face.

Would you say that your people, the White or Europeans, are in crisis because of the most dangerous threat posed by the White Supremacy worldwide?

And trust me your insult of the prophet would not, never, degrade that honor and respect of our Prophet (pbuh), both in the eyes of God the Almighty and in the eyes of our fellow human beings.....

One more, with your statement about our faith, you demonstrate a plain hypocrisy about so called freedom. Freedom has never been meant and intended to insult others friend...

Freedom must be with responsibility towards others. What would you say/do to someone insulting your wife? Or to someone insults your beloved country? Will you say “it is just a freedom of expression”? 

For us, loving our Prophet is more than to our selves. And that is because we take our faith seriously. And we would never mock or insult any faith, even if we disagree fundamentally with that faith. 

Where is the “respect of one another” and tolerance that you propagate? Where is that civilization and civic responsibility that you claim? Would you claim to be highly civilized while defending the mockery and insult towards others? 

Yes, I oppose and condemn any violence against any body. But I also condemn the cause leads to that violence. You will not see any smoke without a fire....

Again, if what you mean with crisis because of the unchallenged growth and spread of Islam (as you see In this video) in the world, including in your own country, yes I agree with you. A crisis that threats your egoistic and greedy mind...

Listen to the story below. I am sure this is the crisis you mean:

(Shamsi Ali-an Imam in NYC).

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